And then I danced.



Walk and smile and dance. That’s what I did last Saturday during The Search for the Ideal Thomasian Engineeering Personality (TSITEP) 2013 Pre-pageant night.

TSITEP 2013 Pre PageantWe first  introduced ourselves in school uniforms, which is one of the four wears for the entire pageant (uniform, casual, theme and formal).

TSITEP 2013 Pre PageantMe and my partner, Arriane, decided to dance for the talent portion.

TSITEP 2013 Pre PageantWe barely had a week to prepare for this one. Our choreographer, Jowhen, who happened to be part of the AB Dance Synergy, is having his own rehearsal for Cheermania. They oftentimes finish training at around 10pm-12mn. And that’s just when he’ll meet us to practice our dance. So we were dancing when everyone is in their bed, sleeping.

TSITEP 2013 Pre PageantBack pains, muscle cramps and bruises were the things that we got from all the lifts, jumps and rolls that we did during dance practice. But we really wanted to perfect our routine (we don’t want to be a laughing stock. Haha) so we practiced and practiced even if we have quizzes or have 7am class the next day.

TSITEP 2013 Pre PageantTSITEP 2013 Pre PageantWe did great, I believe. We perfected the lifts and all. Though there are some faults, it is not very much noticeable. Hahah.

TSITEP 2013 Pre PageantAfter that, we had to take on the casual interview, which is not casual AT ALL! Haha.

TSITEP 2013 Pre PageantI picked the question, “As an engineering student, how can you contribute to the national security or the protection of territory?” And I will not tell you my answer because it was very embarrassing. (I think) Haha.

Judges and project heads.

Judges and project heads.

The judges that night were really bigtime! A representative from Bb. Pilipinas, Bb. Pilipinas International 2001, and the one that really made me nervous, Mr. Douglas Nieras. HAhaah.

TSITEP 2013 Pre PageantGood thing I have supportive classmates on my back. I must say, I’m very lucky to have them! They were all screaming and shouting everytime I go out of the stage.

College friends. Micah, Charlette and Kaz.

College friends. Micah, Charlette and Kaz.

Competitions like this is really a hard task to partake. Standing in front of many people not knowing what are they gonna say, and judges scrutinizing your every move. You are expected to walk decently, look good and answer the question confidently. Nerves could really get on me. But knowing that there are people believing in what I do, I reckon I can handle all the pressure that this pageant is giving me.

High school loves. Jvam and Ela.

High school loves. Jvam and Ela.

Meet Ela. Friend. Dormate. TALENT MANAGER.

Meet Ela. Friend. Dormate. TALENT MANAGER.

A very big thanks to Ela who acted as my talent manager for her all out support ever since Mr.ChE days. Haha.

TSITEP 2013 Pre PageantGood thing my family was also there to support me. They can’t believe that I grew to a man I am now. I saw my mama teary-eyed when I hugged them after the program. Well, it’s all thanks to them for guiding me through my growing years. I owe it all to them.

TSITEP 2013 Pre PageantTSITEP 2013 Pre PageantAfter the program, a short evaluation of the event with the staff and candidates took place.

TSIETP 2012 Candidates

TSIETP 2012 Candidates

I must admit, apart from the stress and additional load this pageant is giving me, I learned to enjoy every bit of it.

[credits to TSITEP FB Page for some of the photos]

You might wanna watch me dancing. Hahah:


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