COMMusta ka?

DSC_7385Of the four functions of management we discussed during our Engineering Management class last semster, Planning for me is the most important part. It is the most vital step for it will determine which direction the organization will take.

DSC_7393That’s why every year, ChES organizes the COMMustahan which is the annual project presentation meeting of the executive board.DSC_7378 DSC_7386Because the Engineering Building is closed that day, we decided to hold the meeting at Mang Inasal Dapitan. Meeting over lunch kumbaga.

DSC_7400 DSC_7398 DSC_7396 DSC_7380All the 8 committees presented amazing projects for the coming academic year.

DSC_7403 DSC_7404DSC_7405I hope we’ll be able to execute these project properly. And I hope every ChES member will patronize these projects for we are planning really hard to make A.Y. 2013-2014 a bang!


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