Of sand and sunburn

SUMMER 2013Summer loving on the beach! Finally, a decent summer vacation for me. I thought I will not be able to have one because of my summer internship. But yeah, thanks to my dear cousins for saving me.

SUMMER 2013 SUMMER 2013I’m really looking forward for a beach escapade this summer. Good thing they decided to book a reservation at One Laiya in San Juan, Batangas for our family get way last May 11-12.SUMMER 2013

It’s been forever since my last visit to the beach. And it was nice to feel again the sands underneath my bare feet and the waves brushing them.

SUMMER 2013SUMMER 2013We arrived at around 4pm. By that time, it was already low tide.

SUMMER 2013 SUMMER 2013SUMMER 2013I decided to just walk along the shore because the water is not very pleasing to the eye to swim. But my sister cannot resist the calling of the sea. So she jumped on her rash guard and swam until dinner time.SUMMER 2013 SUMMER 2013And of course, I will not let a beach volleyball game get out of the way even if it is dusk already.SUMMER 2013When I woke up the next day, the tide was already high. The water looks clearer than the day before.

SUMMER 2013Who said that green and red is for Christmas only? Haha.

SUMMER 2013 SUMMER 2013 SUMMER 2013 SUMMER 2013 SUMMER 2013 SUMMER 2013That banana boat ride was like riding a horse in the sea. A seahorse maybe? Kidding. Haha. Well, it was my first time. And that 20 minute ride is something that I want to go over again and again.

SUMMER 2013And yes! You’re right… I just took a photo with the jetski. Hahah!

SUMMER 2013 SUMMER 2013 SUMMER 2013 SUMMER 2013SUMMER 2013I consider the snorkeling as the highlight of that trip. Or my whole summer maybe! Actually, it was something that I don’t look forward to very much. At first I thought it was boring. But after putting on that goggles and seeing the beauty under water made me eat up all my words. The 30 minutes alotted time for that activity was not enough for me. I swear I’ll do that again. And again. And again.

SUMMER 2013 SUMMER 2013 SUMMER 2013 SUMMER 2013The last part was the island hopping. We went to this island where the shore is composed of pebbles and the sand covers the  seabed. The water was very clear! Far from the muddy look of the one in the resort we check in. Haha. The 40 minutes swim time is not enough for me because I didn’t really swam back at the resort. So even if the sun is already high, I just enjoyed the place and swam underneath the scorching sun.

SUMMER 2013There’s also this mini cliff where you can jump off. I took the challenge and jumped twice. The second one on the highest point of the rock formation.

SUMMER 2013I’m glad I didn’t just stay in my room or under the shades of trees and huts. The sunburn was all worth it.

SUMMER 2013You, what’s your summer 2013 story?





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